Friday, June 21, 2019

The Custom Botanist - A unique way of preserving your bridal bouquet

I always knew I would want a unique alternative to preserving my bouquet and when I saw the work from Hannah a.k.a. The Custom Botanist I knew her work was for me. Hannah quite simply draws bridal bouquets but much more than that she creates a bespoke piece of art. The process takes 3-4 weeks using a mixture of water colour painting and drawing techniques with commissions taking up to 20 hours to complete.

Hannah is an absolute delight, is so passionate about what she does and could not have made the process any easier. My bouquet was almost all foliage which was completely perfect for my wedding day but I was nervous that she would not want to work on a bouquet which incorporated nearly no flowers. Hannah very quickly put my mind at rest, she was so enthusiastic about my bouquet and I knew I had picked the best person to capture my bridal flowers.

To get things started I was asked to send over photographs of my bouquet. This was such a lovely thing to do, any excuse to look at my wedding photos is a welcome task and I could not help but send her across some parts of my wedding film too. Once Hannah received these references she set about asking questions about the angle and perspective that I wanted her to draw the bouquet from. It was clear that she is a perfectionist and wanted to make sure the bouquet was drawn exactly how I wanted it.

Hannah kept me up to date by sending a number of progress pictures and it was amazing to see my bouquet come to life. Three weeks passed and it was finally finished. Pictures of the completed drawing were sent to me and if required Hannah would have made alterations to the final piece, this was something which did not need to be done because it was already perfect!

The drawing was posted shortly after this and if I thought it looked great via the pictures that was nothing compared to seeing it in person, it is incredible. There is not a section of the piece which has not been lovingly completed. Watercolour and pencil work has brought back the same level of excitement I had when I first saw my bouquet in March 2018 and will take pride of place in my home. I was lucky enough to receive this as my first anniversary gift from my Husband and it was the perfect traditional 'paper' gift and the ultimate keepsake.

I highly recommend getting in touch with Hannah if you are looking for an alternative stylish way to preserve your bouquet. Price start from £180 and she can be contacted via the following:
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