Thursday, April 18, 2019

Jo Malone 'Scent Your Wedding' Experience at Harvey Nichols Manchester

It can be stressful planning a wedding. Whether an intimate or large affair there is always so much to do and in the weeks running up to the big day there will times where you just need some YOU time. This is where Jo Malone London, the luxury bespoke fragrance brand comes in.  They have a number of services which are complimentary and they allow for some time away from the stresses of planning. What’s more, you may even find your signature wedding scent with the ‘Scent Your Wedding’ experience which is exclusive to Jo Malone Boutiques.

The booking process was really easy, it can all be done online and I just had to show up 10 minutes before my appointment at Harvey Nichols, Manchester ready to enjoy my half hour slot.

What does it include? Well first things first, I was given a glass of champagne, which is always a winner with me. My lovely host took me through the process and what I wanted to get from the service.

There are so many things to think about but there is nothing overwhelming and it’s an enjoyable experience talking about bath oils the night before the wedding, shower gels the morning of the big day, moisturisers and when to apply them and of course the main event, the fragrance!

I learnt a little about how things work too, I loved that everything was about layering. You may find a fragrance that you like but if you layer it with other scents (spicy/fruity/earthy) you can make it into the scent you love.

As well as that you get to think about how you can scent others parts of your day – will you choose a candle to remember your wedding morning by? Would you like that to be the same as your bridal scent or something different?

Or you can go even bigger by scenting your entire wedding. Add them to your tables, ceremony aisles or drinks reception areas. A chance to make a real mark on your day! You can even push the boat out and have candles or other products for favours.

Whilst sipping on my glass of fizz I made my choices (there are no right or wrong answers) and my lovely host went ahead and pampered me with a hand and arm massage using my chosen my scent/s. This was my favourite part of the experience I was left smelling incredible and feeling completely relaxed.

Sadly this is where my half hour journey ended and is where you decide to make your purchases, if any. I thought I’d feel awkward, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to make a purchase yet, the products on offer came with a higher than average price tag and I really wanted to think about it first. Thankfully my host was just a dream, there was no pushiness or upselling, there is a sincere desire to find you your perfect scent and if you need to go away and think about it or wear it for a few hours before purchasing then that is not a problem.

Just a tip, there are a number travel size items which will save some money and are big enough to last over your wedding and mini/honeymoon period.

This is definitely something I would recommend that all brides do, even if you do not make a purchase you will leave the boutique smelling amazing and ready to take on the world or at least some more wedding planning.


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